Januari 24, 2013

Conversation 1 (Introduction Section):
Dini      : Good afternoon everybody, today our meeting will be talk about Factory Outlet that decreasing profit in this year. And I also want to introduce you the new employee in finance deparment, Rossi.
Rossi    : thank you everybody, I will help all of you to make this meeting going well
Dini      : next, I would like to introduce you to Eka an d Ulfa who works in Production and Distribution department.
Ulfa     : thank you everybody, I responsible to maintain and monitoring the production process in Factory Outlet
Eka      : my name is eka, I’m a  Manager in Distribution Department that responsible to distributing products from production department.

Conversation 2 (Reviewing Past Business):
Dini      : okey everybody, lets start our meeting. From the report I can see that our company get a big lose this year. I want to see financial report this year, and tell me about that.
Rossi    : yes, the decreasing of profit is real. And the problem is from the sales of Women’s Shoes. You can see from the graphic in this report.
Conversation 3 (Beginning the Meeting)
Dini      : okey, after see the graphic that Rossi give to us. I want to know what is the solution to increase the profit ? I want to hear the idea of Production Manager about this, please.
Ulfa     : okey, Thank You for the chance. In my opinion after seeing the graphic that really disappoint us. I suggest to increasing the quality of our product, and also make the price worth to buy for our costumer, especially women. Maybe, distribution manager want to share with us his idea ?)
Eka      : I do agree with ulfa, but I think our quality product is better than year before, but we cannot attract our customer because the price of our product more high than any competitor.
Rossi : I also have an idea for our company, how about make a buy 1 get 2 promo, or make a deal with bank to make a discount promo if the customer pay with credit card.
Dini      : but how we can make a discount without make our company loss again ?
Eka      : for the discount we can increase the price for bestseller product before, after that we can give discount up to 70%. I think this is the best solution to increase our profit.
Dini      :thanks for your idea. I think its very interesting, and we can apply this method to our company. Ulfa, do you agree with Eka’s idea ?
Ulfa     : I do agree. I hope our customer will be interesting with this promo. Rossi, can you please tell us how much we loss ?
Rossi    : as you can see in this financial report, our company has decrease 30% from last year in production an distribution. And I also agree with all of your idea.

 Convertation ( finishing the meetting)
Dini :  so, the conclusion from this meeting is our company will give a discount for several items and also will give buy 1 get 2 promo and also discount for customers who transaction with credit card. This is the end of our meeting, thanks for all consideration and time. Good Afternoon.

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